VMware ESXi 6.0 Configure Management IP

When VMware ESXi first starts up it tries to get an IP address from DHCP, if this fails it will automatically generate an IP address on the subnet. ESXi hosts should be configured with a static IP address. The following steps show how to configure it on the server console of the ESXi host:

Press F2 to bring up the log in screen.

Log in as root, use the same password that was created during the ESXi installation and press Enter.

Use the arrow keys to select Configure Management Network from the list and press Enter.

Network Adapters should already be selected, so press Enter.

vmnic0 will be selected by default, use the arrow keys to highlight another NIC and press Space to select it. Ideally you should have at least two NIC's selected for the management network to provide high availability. Press Enter to continue.

Select IPv4 Configuration and press Enter.

To give ESXi a static IP address select Set static IPv4 address and network configuration using the arrow keys to highlight and press Space to select. Highlight IPv4 Address, Subnet mask and lastly Default Gateway one at a time and enter the relevant IP address details and press Enter.

Select DNS Configuration and press Enter.

Enter the DNS server IP addresses and hostname and press Enter.

Select Custom DNS Suffixes and press Enter.

Enter one more domain names separated by spaces or commas and press Enter.

Press ESC.

Press Y to restart the management network.

To make sure the networking is set-up properly select Test Management Network and press Enter.

By default it will try to ping the default gateway, DNS servers and resolve the ESXi host name configured earlier. Either modify one or more of the IP addresses or leave as is and press Enter.

Once the tests are completed press Enter.

Press ESC to log out of the console.

The screen should show the hostname and IP address configured earlier. ESXi is now ready to be managed over the network. Repeat these steps for each ESXi host.

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