Clouded Skies specialising in designing, implementing and troubleshooting Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler and XenMobile solutions deployed on VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer.

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Design and build highly available virtual desktop infrastructure using Citrix XenDesktop providing virtual desktops for each user to access their applications and data; sat in the office or remotely over the Internet. Users can gain remote access through NetScaler Gateway via their desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets and web browser. A hybrid approach can be adopted, which utilises both VDI to provide the desktops and hosted shared desktop for the applications. The idea being to make the solution more scalable.

Solutions include active-active and active-passive site-to-site disaster recovery using Citrix XenDesktop and NetScaler technologies. Allowing users to be able to gain access to their applications in the event a datacentre goes down.


We can provide hardware sizing for the VDI environment and carry the project through the various stages from proof-of-concept to pilot all the way to production.

Load Balancing



Load balancing Skype, Exchange, Citrix StoreFront, XenMobile and web servers via Citrix NetScaler technology. We are able to design and implement load balancing, content switching, Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), SSL offloading, Authentication, Authorisation and Audit (AAA) and high availability.


Single site and multi-site load balancing configurations providing highly available and site-to-site disaster recovery implementations.


Build remote access providing SSL VPN, clientless access, ICA over SSL to XenApp and XenDesktop environments and endpoint scans. For added security two-factor authentication can be configured.

Hosted Shared Desktop



An alternative to VDI is hosted shared desktops through Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp technologies. Multiple users can access desktops and/or applications from a single Windows Server.


Design and build highly available and site-to-site disaster recovery Citrix XenApp environments including remote access and hardware sizing. Utilising Citrix XenApp, NetScaler and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services technologies.


We can help the customer to decide what would work best for them VDI, Hosted Shared Desktop or a hybrid approach.



Mobile Management



Designing and building mobile and tablet device management and securing and controlling company apps and data using Citrix XenMobile. Locking down mobile phones and tablets through administrator set XenMobile policies.


Configuring Worx Apps to access the organisation's email (WorxMail), intranet site (WorxWeb), editing office documents (QuickEdit), create and share notes (WorxNotes), remote desktop access (ShareConnect), create and manage tasks (WorxTasks) and share documents (ShareFile.) All Worx Apps are run in a secure bubble so data cannot be shared with other iOS and Android apps unless app policies grant such access.


Highly available XenMobile solutions make sure the environment stays up in the event an XenMobile and/or NetScaler appliance is unavailable.