Creating the First Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.7 Delivery Group

Once Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.7 has been installed, a site set-up and a machine catalog created the next step is to create a delivery group. Launch Citrix Studio...

Create the first delivery group using Studio

Click on Set up Delivery Groups to assign desktops and applications to your users to begin.

Getting started with delivery groups

Click Next.

Select machine catalog and specify number of machines to add to delivery group

Highlight the machine catalog in the list Select a Machine Catalog and enter the number of machines to add to the delivery group in Choose number of machines for this Delivery Group.

Delivery group launches desktops and/or applications

Choose to allow users to launch desktops and/or applications from this delivery group by selected Desktops, Desktops and applications or Applications. In this case it will be a desktop only delivery group.

Assign users to delivery group

Click Add... to open the standard Active Directory window for selecting users and groups.

Standard Active Directory window for browsing users and groups

Enter the users or groups that will have access to this delivery group.

Active Directory group assigned to delivery group

The users and groups will appear in the Assigned users list and click Next.

Add StoreFront address to Receiver automatically or manually

To add the StoreFront URL to Receiver using the delivery group select Automatically, using StoreFront servers selected below and either select an existing StoreFront from the list or click Add new.... Alternatively leave Manually, using a StoreFront server address that I will provide later selected and use Active Directory group policies, Citrix policies or Receiver installation to configure the StoreFront URL. Also use this option, if Receiver is not installed on the master image in the first place.

Delivery group summary and name, display name and description

Enter Delivery Group name as it will appear in Citrix Studio, Display name shown to users when they go to launch it and optionally Delivery group description, used as label in Receiver.

The delivery group has now been successfully created.

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