Creating a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.7 Site

Once Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.7 has been installed the next step is to create a site. Launch Citrix Studio...

Shows Citrix Studio launched for the first time

Click on Deliver applications and desktops to your users to start site creation.

Citrix Studio Site Set-up introduction

StartFragmentEnter the Site name.EndFragment

Specify the location of the site databases

Use Create and set up databases from Studio to automatically create the database or if the user account used to launch Studio has insufficient permissions on SQL Server to create databases use the Generate scripts to manually set up option instead. Specify the Site, Monitoring and Logging databases and there location on a SQL Server and instance or leave the defaults.

Connect to license server and upload Citrix license file

Specify the Citrix License server in License server address or if it was installed on the same server as Citrix Studio leave as default (localhost:27000). Click on Connect to connect to the license server and select Use the free 30-day trial if you have no licenses and wish to evaluate XenApp/XenDesktop; alternatively select Use an existing license to use purchased licenses. If no licenses are listed click Browse for license file...

Browse file system to locate Citrix license file

Locate the Citrix license file and click Open.

Confirmation that the Citrix license file should be added on the the server

Click Yes to confirmed the license file is to be added.

Citrix License successfully added

Click Close.

Select the Citrix License edition and model to be used

Select the product, edition and license model from the list of available licenses.

Configure hypervisor connection to XenServer

Select the Connection type to specify whether the hypervisor to use, Connection address is the FQDN or IP address of the hypervisor management server, User name and Password that XenApp/XenDesktop will use to create and manage the virtual machines and specify a Connection name to identify the hypervisor connection details to the administrator. Leave Studio tools (Machine Creation Services) selected so XenApp/XenDesktop will be able to create the XenApp and/or VDI desktops using Studio. In this case all the details entered are for Citrix XenServer 6.5.

Specify the network used by XenApp and/or VDI machines

Specify a descriptive name for the network in Name for these resources and select one or more networks from the list. These networks were compiled from the available networks created on the hypervisor.

Specify the storage used by XenApp and/or VDI machines

Select one or more storage volumes from the list. The storage was compiled from the available storage volumes created on the hypervisor. Select Use different storage for Personal vDisks to have them created on a separate storage volume otherwise leave Use same storage for virtual machines and Personal vDisks selected.

Specify the App-V publishing and management servers

To configured App-V click Yes, enter the App-V management server and App-V publishing server FQDN and port details and click Test connection.... Alternatively leave No selected and App-V will not be used.

Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop site creation summary

To have anonymous data sent to Citrix about your XenApp/XenDesktop environment leave Yes, Send anonymous statistics and usage information selected or click on No, You can join later to prevent it.

Citrix Studio completed site creation

The XenApp/XenDesktop site has been successfully created.

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